Besides our core expertise on Intelligent Home products, Xintesys Innovations has partnership with Embedded Product Design Centre that focus on Industrial products, Data Centers, Energy Metering, Semiconductor, Telecom and Defense sectors. Our partnered design center has capability to design thin electronics using dies & ruggedized systems.

The Center has more than 60 design engineers with Software and Hardware skills capable of executing design & prototyping to ISO 9001:2008 certified by TUV.

Area of Operation

  • End to End embedded product design & development for commercial/industrial/ Military use involving but not limited to:
  • Mechanical (Enclosures) design
  • Necessary Certifications (EMI/EMC , UL,CE, MIL qualifications etc)
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Re-engineering of legacy designs
  • Hardware Platform design
  • Electronic CAD/Artwork
  • Benchmarking Platform designs
  • IP Core development in VHDL/Verilog targeted to any FPGA
  • Operating System Porting & Customization
  • Device Driver development
  • Software Protocol Stack development
  • Validation and Verification
  • Mobile Application Development & Verification
  • Manufacturing self-designed products
  • Manufacturing third party designed products
  • Providing advance embedded training to engineers

Software Design Expertise

  • ARM5,ARM7,ARM9,ARM11, Cortex M1, M3
  • TI Davinci, OMAP
  • PPC, Freescale, STM 32L
  • Intel Tolapai 80597, Atom, X86
  • Atmel AVR, TI MSP430
  • NIOS II, Microblaze
  • U-Boot, Red Boot
  • Linux, RTLinux, RTAI, uclinux, Android, iOS
  • Windows CE, Windows Embedded XP
  • VxWorks
  • USB, Ethernet, Smart Card, UART, PCI, PCI –X, PCI Express, Profibus, CAN Bus, USART
  • GUI development using QT, GTK
  • LAMP
  • OSISoft PI system

Hardware Design Expertise

  • FPGA circuit/ RTLdesign experience on Altera, Xilinx , Actel and Lattice
  • ARM (v5,v7,v9,v11, Cortex M1, Cortex M3, Cortex A8)
  • DSP-TI Davinci, OMAP, ADI Blackfin
  • Intel Atom, 80579 (Tollapai), XScale
  • Freescale i.MX51, Power Quicc II, Power PC
  • Soft Processors – NIOS II, Microblaze
  • SERDES (Xilinx,Actel and Altera FPGA)
  • E1, E3
  • Ethernet (10/100, 10/100/1000)
  • V.35
  • PCI, PCI-X, PCIe

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